San Ya 5days leisure trip


Day 1:Departure-San Ya

Arrive at“International Tourism Island ”San Ya,Tour Guy will pick you up and check in,then you can have your free time!

Stay in:San Ya         Meals:Meals on your own


Day 2: Yalong Bay Tropic Paradise Forest Park – Yalong Bay Beach

Enjoy the breakfast

Heading to a fairyland on earth called as–【Yalong Bay Tropic Paradise Forest Park】(Including the tickets for the tourist attraction and sightseeing shuttle, the duration is no less then 120mins),here is the location shooting of the movie 《If You Are the One 2》 from director Feng Xiaogang,is the closest natural oxygen bar, the entire place was built by mountain, surrounded by the green plant, makes you relax and happy, is the perfect connection between human being and the nature—A Heaven On Earth.


Heading to【Yalong Bay Beach】(Duration is no less than 90 mins),There is not only the most attractive Bay and Beach, but also has the biggest, most integrated alcyonacean group, colorful hard coral and tropical fish and so on among the ocean around here. It is one of the best place for the development of the Chinese under sea sightseeing tour.

Back to hotel have rest and get ready for the great journey tomorrow.

Stay:San Ya         Meals:breakfast/lunch/dinner


Day 3: WuZhiZhou Island – San Ya Song Cheng

Enjoy the breakfast

Heading to the National 5A tourist attraction WuZhiZhou Island】 called as “the Chinese Maldives. As well as the view capturing place of the movie 《Personal Tailor》. The sea is blue, green as mirror, white as snow, and mountains and sea are integrated into one scene. The beach is white and delicate, and the sea is crystal clear. It’s a tremendous place for chilling. You can follow your own pace for the lunch, look for the great meals on the island. (Visiting and the return ferries are no less than 4 hours).

Heading to San Ya Song Cheng】Accompanied by acrobatics, acoustic-optoelectronic high-tech stage, opened the most glorious grand scene in Sanya history.

(Tour is around 80 mins);

Back to hotel and have a great rest.

Stay:San Ya         Meals:breakfast/lunch/dinner


Day 4Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden Tianya Haijiao

Enjoy the breakfast after the great sleep.

Heading to【Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden】:National 5A tourist attraction, praying under the 108 meters tall South Sea Buddha Statue,
Discover the feeling of returning to nature and returning to nature in this Buddhist holy land and Brahma Pure Land,Jixiang Ruyi Park, Laoshan Shougu, Nanshan Temple, 33 Guanyin Hall, Miaojinshan Putralin(40mins driving, the visiting time is no less than 150 mins);

Visit the famous national 4A tourist attractionTian YaHaiJiao】(Visiting time will be no less than 90 mins),Have a taste of the sea and the sky, the vastness of the waves, and the mysteries of the world;

Back to the hotel have rest, get ready for the new journey tomorrow.

Stay: San Ya         Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


Day 5: San Ya- departure

Free time after breakfast, sending the guest to the airport depends on the time of the flight, here we will end this pleasant journey.

                  Meals:Only Breakfast










April the offer for 30 people (Excluding the May Day):

Offer: 2780 Yuan/person (Chinese Tour Guy, 35seats coach, 30people, renegotiate the price if is below 30 people)

Offer: 2820 Yuan/person (English Tour Guy, 35seats coach, 30people, renegotiate the price if is below 30 people)



Service Standard:

  1. Transportation:HaiNan Coach is the High-end coach with AC from 2010. Ensure that each person will have a seat(No luggage if the coach is below 21 seats);
  2. Accommodation: 4nights in San Ya, including breakfast and funds; excluding single room for the entire trip, if there is a single customer, he needs to pay for one more single person price.

3 .Meals:6 dinners and 4 breakfasts. Dinner price 50/person/dinner(Wu Zhi Zhou island will be updated to the Buffet), breakfasts in the hotel

  1. Tourist Attractions:Including the admission fee,two places are not included the electronic bike (Tian Ya Hai Jiao 15 YUAN, South Mountain 30 YUAN) visitors can choose either walk or take the sightseeing electronic bike.
  2. Tour Guy Service: Hai Nan airlines international travel agency will provide the full services;
  3. For Children: The charges and the receptive standard of the children below 12 years old will be according to the confirming order;
  4. Insurance: including the Hai Nai Travel Agency liability insurance(recommend the clients buy themselves a travel accident insurance);
  5. Presents: one bottom of water/person/day.