Xia Men Jin Men Tai Wan 8 days

Days Route Meals Accommodation
Day 1 Pick up from the airport, check in,dinner,free time,stay in Xiamen Dinner Xiamen
Day 2 Heading to south putuo temple after breakfast(approx.50mins. tour

,Then visit the Hulishan Cannon Fort which is located in the outskirts of Hainan Island, Xiamen Island, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. It is adjacent to the Xiamen University Park and surrounded by the sea on three sides. The scenic spot is a national cultural relics protection unit and a national 4A tourist attraction.,In the afternoon, boarded the “Garden of the Sea” [Gulangyu], Gulangyu (English: Kulangsu) was originally called “Round Shazhou”, alias “Yuan Chau Tsai”, and during the Southern Song Dynasty he ordered “Five Dragon Island”. The Ming Dynasty was renamed “Gulangyu Islet.” Because there is a reef with a depth of more than two meters on the beach in the southwestern part of the island, whenever the high tide surges and the waves crash into the rocks, sounding like a gong and drum, people call the “drum stone” and Gulangyu is gradually renamed. Because of the high tide, the waves crashed into the rocks and made their name like a drum. The streets of Gulangyu are short and criss-cross and are one of the largest satellite islands in Xiamen.。

Three meals Xiamen
Day 3 XiamenJinmen

In the morning, take a boat to the Jinmen Shuitou Wharf, visit the “Shuguang Tower” (30 minutes), and visit the Shuitou Ancient Temple [Deyue Building] (20 minutes). After the trip to Zhongshan Memorial Forest (60 minutes), there are Rushan Fortress, fighter aircraft, and chariot display. 【Shaoshan Tunnel】 (45 minutes) is an amphibious transport tunnel. Go to Cihu/Citi embankment to see the mainland of Xiamen. The beach on the front is full of “Railway Villages” that used to land in the past. A special landscape is formed on the misplaced golden beach and walks to the triangle fortress. The tanks are impossibilities. Visit the “Shuangshui Lake Wetland Ecological Hall” to show the ecological habits of various birds in Kinmen and the evolution and evolution of the village of Go Ningtou. Go to Gong Gong (45 minutes) and one Roots (60 minutes)

Three meals Kinsa Holiday Hotel or the same level


JinmenTai Pei

After breakfast, fly to Taipei and upon arrival, visit the Palace Museum (2 hours). The collection houses the largest collection of priceless Chinese art treasures in the world. It is recognized as one of the four museums in the world with the United States, Britain, and France (Louvre). [Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall] (45 minutes), pay homage to Sun Yat-sen’s life story, and was honored to see the soldier handover ceremony. Go to the Taipei landmark “Taipei 101 Building” Take the world’s fastest elevator to the 89-story observation deck. To Yehliu Geopark (60 minutes), visit the famous Queen’s head, fairy shoes and other natural wonders, people have to marvel at the uncanny nature of nature. Go to “Boutique” (60 minutes)。

Three meals Tai Pei
Day 5


Tai PeiNanTouShip Tour at Sun Moon Lake, Zhongtai Buddhist Temple

After breakfast, proceed to Coral Hall and drive to Nantou County Zhongtai Temple (45 minutes). After visiting the Buddhist holy lands, drive to Taiwan’s most famous Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area (1.5 hours). The lake is located at Guanghua Island. The south shape is like a moon arc, while the north shape is like a sun wheel. It is renamed Sun Moon Lake. [Xuanguang Temple] In honor of Tang Xuanzong Master to learn from the Western Regions, the Wenwu Temple was named after the sacrificial offerings of Confucius and Guan Gong, and went to [Beauty] and dinner. Back to the hotel to rest.

Three meals The middle part
Day 6


Nan Tou – Jia Yi [Alishan Forest Recreation Area] – Kaohsiung

After breakfast, proceed to Chiayi, [Alishan Forest Scenic Area] (1.5 hours), enjoy a forest bath, watch Alishan Shenmu, Three Generations of Wood, Yunhai, Sister Pond and other scenic spots. On the way you can see the gardens of Alishan. Italian, tasting “Alishan Mountain Tea” (45 minutes) along the way, then driving to Tainan, staying at the hotel to rest。Remarks: If Alishan is not in control of the number of people on the mountain or if the road conditions are not good, then you can visit Tainan Chikan Tower, Yanping County Princess or other attractions.

Three meals Kaohsiung
Day 7


Kaohsiung – Kenting – Kaohsiung

After breakfast, proceed to 【Diamond Exhibition Center】 (60 minutes) and take a bus to Kenting National Park (1.5 hours) scenic area. It is the only national park covering land and sea, and the only tropical area in Taiwan. The Eluanbi Lighthouse is located at the southern tip of Taiwan. It is one of the eight scenic spots in Taiwan. The cat’s nose is named after a prominent coral reef rock near the rock bank. Then return to Kaohsiung, travel by car [Love], dinner to Kaohsiung’s famous “Liuhe Tourist Night Market” to taste Taiwan’s unique snack culture. Known for its variety of snacks, the “Liuhe Night Market” is the most special landscape of signature steakhouses and seafood shops. There are more than 10 large and small, the main selling point is the cheap, home-style steak course.

Breakfast and lunch X Kaohsiung
Day 8


Kaohsiung (Tainan) Kinmen Xiamen

After breakfast, go to the Specialty Store (45 minutes) to purchase Taiwan’s Banquet with Pineapple Cake and visit the “The Second Art District” converted from an old warehouse. The main structure is divided into four parts: There is a “repeated” for large-scale performances. The “P2 Warehouse”, “C5 sugar warehouse” for small-scale exhibitions, “Moonlight Theater” dedicated to performances, and “Art Plaza” as a community resident’s place and art market. The post-modern design style is presented as a whole, and in order to integrate the artistic atmosphere into the entire life of the citizens, the Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center will also perform arts and cultural events from time to time to provide artists with a creative arts and cultural exhibition hall. Then flew to Kinmen and took a boat back to Xiamen, ending a pleasant journey and returning to a warm home.

Three meals Xiamen
Day 9 Back Home Breakfast  

Remarks: The above itinerary is for reference only. The specific itinerary, flight, and destination are subject to confirmation before departure.

Public Security Organs Important Note: Visitors to Taiwan must join the league. Unauthorized delisting and non-permanent detainees will severely pursue economic and legal responsibilities.!

Offer include:

1, Xiamen / Kinmen / Taipei round-trip airfare, ferry ticket,

2, Taiwan comfort hotel standard room accommodation,

3, luxury travel car,

4, attractions listed tickets,

  1. the itinerary listed in the trip,

6 .Entry to Taiwan,

7, Full-time leader service,

8, Travel agency liability insurance,

9, Driver guide service fee

10, Xiamen section travel expenses

The offer does not include:

  1. Single room difference
  2. Additional expenses due to force majeure such as traffic jams, strikes, inclement weather, flight delays, etc.

Service standards:

  1. Transportation: air-conditioned coaches and small three-passenger tickets
  2. Accommodation: Quasi-five double standard hotel
  3. Meals: 8 Breakfasts 14 Dinners: Breakfast Breakfast included in the hotel, Dinner: 50 RMB/person/dinner
  4. Tickets: Tickets listed in the itinerary of Taiwan, Nanputuo Temple, Gulangyu Ferry Ticket + Core Attractions Package, Hulishan Fort

5, Guide service: local guide service + scenic explanation fee

  1. Insurance: Travel Agency Liability Insurance

Expenses budget:3980yuan/person, 30people budget