Fujian+Guangdong 8 days

Date City/Transportation Itineraries Meals Accommodations
1 Xiamen inbound


The luxury jet will send the guests to the most beautiful city in Fujian, Xiamen,have some free time in Zeng cuo an,check in after dinner.  

D: Xiamen style 50

Sansiro hotel or Xianglu Grand hotel or other 4 stars hotel
2 Xiamen


Visting South Putuo Temple after the breakfast. Visit the exterior of the University of Xiamencar cruising on the circle road along the seaside, visit Kinmen from distance,ferry to thegarden of the ocean“Music town”Gulagyu island、Wan Guo Jian Zhu exhibition,Long Tou road shopping walking street.


B:In the hotel

L:snacks style50

D:Chinese style 50

Sansiro hotel or Xianglu Grand hotel or other 4 stars hotel
3 Xiamen-ShanTou


Heading to the Chinese economic area Shantou. walking through the green seaside gallery. People s squareVisit Shipaotai ruinscontinues visiting   Laomagon, MAZU, shopping in the woman’s street. B:In the hotel

L:Chinese style50

D:Shantou Lu e 50

4-star champion hotel
4 Shantou-Chaozhou-Meixian


Drive to Chaozhou, Visit GuangJi Men Cheng Lou(Including electric bike)、visit one of the most famous bridge in the ancient china Guangji Bridge,visit hanwengongci,Visting Jiadixiang + Chaozhou old town,Kaiyuan temple,driving to Meizhou,visiting the People’s square. B:In the hotel

You’re your own


4-star jindebao hotel
5 Meizhou-Dapu-Yongding


Visiting the only China Hakka Museum+ RenJinglu(close on Monday),Visting Qianfo Tower and Weilongwu。Visit the old home of yeshuai,continue to DaBu County,visit Xihu park Taianlou,driving to Yongding。special gift as night visiting the Tulou + beers music festival (2 beers for each) B:In the hotel

L:Hakka style50

D:Tulou style50

Hakka Earth Building Prince. 4-star
6 Yong Ding -Zhang Zhou


Visiting the world cultural heritage Yongding Gaobei Tulouqun, Inclduing Chengqi lou、and Wuyun lou、Shize lou、Qiaofu Lou。Heading to Zhangzhou,Ming Qing old street shopping. B:In the hotel

L:Hakka style50

D:lu mian style50

Diamond Hotel


7 Zhang Zhou – Xia men


Visit patriotic Chen jia Geng’s old home JiMei Xue Cun after breakfast 、Long Zhou Chi,with splendid architecture, people call it “Jia geng style” ,Visit Bai Lu Zhou, Bai Lu statu , walking through wu yuan wan mu zhan dao、Visit Lighthouse park B: In the hotel

L:Chinese style50

D:seafood style80

Sansiro hotel or Xianglu Grand hotel or other 4 stars hotel
8 Xiamen Outbound


SM shopping center free time after breakfast,lunch at the top floor foods square. Sending the guest to the airport at arranged time, back to lovely home.


B:In the hotel

L:On your own

4-12 reference offers: 3850 RMB.-/PAX, 16FOC1, single room price differences: 810 RMB.-/PAX The specific price based on the departure time!

Tips::USD5 per person/day

Shopping: Xiamen Tea+silk+jewelry

Comfort service:There are pearl cream 、peanuts、red dry dates, shredded squid and other type of specialties.

Including :The hotels on the list (two people in one room);sightseeing bus,tourist attraction tickets ,travel insurance;Excluding :Tips,personal spending,all the other fees above the plan,excluding the international flights and taxes ,excluding the visa application fee.


Excluding electric bikes on Kulangsu RMB50/person

1:The price above is only available for the group with more than 16 people, otherwise it’s different price for under this amount of people.

2:The leader of the tour has no leader certificate,no refund if passengers leave the tour on purpose、no refund for elders tickets.

3: Kulangsu sells ticket with passenger’s ID card, once release the ticket no refund anymore!!!

4:The price above is not available for holidays and big conferences,as far as we know(4.29-5.1)、Dragon Boat Festival(6.15-18)、mid-autumn festival(9.21-24)、National Day(9.30-10.7)、Xiamen 98 trade exhibition, Kinmen welcome the town god 5.24-28, Wuyishan Tea Exhibition the mid November(11.15,16,17).Fuzhou 518,618 attract investment months should be avoided.



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