CM media is a hungarian based travel agency

CM Travel Service company was established in 1997 as the first Chinese international travel agency which registered in Central Europe. Most of our partners have more than 10 years’ experience in tourism industry, especially the inbound team which has worked together for 15 years, As the preliminary mission statement, the company was mainly specialized on traveling service and maximize the travel experience of customers both in China and Europe. As the time goes, the needs of people are increasing as well, therefore the company expand its business from only traveling services providing to organizing big events such as bridge of music festival, providing immigration program to Asia and South East Asia upon the main profile of being a Travel Agency.

CM established a fully Chinese traveling service platform for the coming of the group of Chinese customers to have such a pleasant journey with all-around receptive services. We provide variety of detailed all-around services. The extra services are also taken in charge of by CM such as the return way airplanes tickets, visa for Schengen area, the agency for Chinese students who are willing to study abroad, inbound and outbound individual customers and the full service about inbound and outbound, hotel booking, transportation booking. The package tour covers the main cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong.

As the world is getting into a multicultural environment, communication with different cultures are the essentials. Language as the key to the communication is vital nowadays. CM developed it language database to various minor language at the foundation of Chinese, the company can handle the translation, reception and tour guide in Chinese, Hungarian, English, Germany and Serbian and so on.